Alberta Force Free Alliance

"For the love of dogs, sign the pledge!"

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The purpose of the Alberta Force Free Alliance is to provide a one-stop resource for dog owners who are passionate about ensuring all dogs are handled in a loving and force free manner in all areas of their lives, be it training, veterinary services, grooming, doggy daycare, breeders, kennels and boarding, animal events or retailers. Everyone listed in the resources have signed a pledge promising that dogs entrusted to their care or under their instruction are handled without intentional intimidation, flooding, force or pain, and with as little restraint as is safe for the dog and humans involved and without intent to cause harm. The retailers listed will not sell or promote any training accessories that work based on the principle of scaring or inflicting pain such as citronella collars, ultrasonic bark deterrents, pet correctors, choke collars, prong collars or shock/bark/e-collars.

OUR VISION               

To create an alliance and resource of businesses for dog owners that adhere to force and fear free methodology with whatever they do with companion animals (NO INTENT TO HARM OR INTIMIDATE).


To provide a resource for dog owners wanting to make force free choices for their dog's needs and to provide education to participating businesses in the alliance who wish to increase their understanding and use of science-based force free methods.

This includes trainers, breeders, retailers, veterinarians, groomers, service animal trainers, animal events, rescues, boarding, and doggy daycares.