In order to become a member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance, please download, read, sign and email our pledge form to [email protected] Once the board has approved your business to join the Alliance, you will be sent an email confirming approval at which time you can purchase your annual membership here on this page. Once payment is received, we will add your business name to our Directory page as well as provide you with a window decal and/or sticker to display along with our logo to place on your website and social media.You will also be able advertise your classes and services on our Facebook page.

Download and complete our pledge to join our Alliance

Email your pledge to [email protected]

Once approved, we will invoice you your membership fee. If you join between January and June, the cost is $25.00. If you join between July and December, the cost is $12.50.

Alberta Force Free Alliance Pledge


As an approved member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance, I pledge that I and my employees are educated in or will upgrade our education through the AFFA in the latest science based, force free methods for companion animals. 

Will not intentionally harm or intimidate any animal in our care. This includes, alpha rolling, pinning, yelling, poking, scruffing, leash jerks, flooding, or the use and promotion of alpha based methodology. Aversive equipment such as, choke/prong/e-collars, electric fences, or ultrasonic bark deterrents are NOT acceptable equipment, as outlined by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. We will not promote trainers who use, and adhere to alpha-based and/or aversive methodologies.

FORCE FREE: 95% of the methods utilized with companion animals do not utilize positive punishment (anything that intentionally causes fear, harm or pain). The 5% allots for emergency situations where an animal or person could be hurt as a result and an aversive techniques may be the only way to prevent harm, i.e.: a day care using a horn or fight board to break up a dog fight.